At Marigold Stable schooling for horses is offered through three different programs.

The first program is training for the horse from the beginning for under saddle use.

Horses are started at three to four years of age. A structured program of lunging and ground driving with bridle and saddle condition the young horse mentally and physically for the mounted work. All horses are started in english equipment without the use of martingales or tight nosebands. The horses are allowed to learn to carry the bit and become comfortable and relaxed in the mouth while learning to become balanced and steady at walk, trot and canter on the lunge.

A light rider is introduced and work is resumed on the lunge where the horse has learned to be confident in its work. Schooling off the lunge includes work indoors and outdoors as the weather permits. Emphasis is placed on developing self carriage, suppleness, a clear steady rhythm in all gaits, and acceptance of the bit. The owner of the horse is encouraged to attend the schooling sessions as often as possible and to ride their horse as soon as it is reasonable to do so.

The second program offers specialized training for the started saddle horse in the following areas: dressage to the FEI level, english pleasure, hunter pleasure, jumping, western pleasure and trail riding.

The third program offers the evaluation of horses that are experiencing problems with ground manners, stable manners and under saddle manners.

We welcome visitors and encourage the observation of our training methods.

Horse training fee is $20 per day which includes board and a lesson for the owner of the horse for every ten days the horse is in training. Video tapes of the horse’s progress are sent to the owners of horses that live more than 2 hours of driving time from Marigold.

For more information or further questions please contact Teri Cox


Teri and Buddy Mite