Marigold Stable is just not another "Training Facility" Marigold Stable is a home. A home where people come not just to ride or watch their children, but a place where horses are "people" too. Harmony between horse and rider is the common goal, not how many ribbons are on the wall, or how many shows you can make on your salary.

Children like Marigold because they are allowed to interact with the horses on a one to one basis. Parties are held at Christmas and Halloween where any child, not just a lucky owner, may dress up one of the School Horses and participate in games. Parents are included in the interaction between student and instructor, not ignored until the next bill is due.

Owners will find their horses are treated as an individual, not just another body. After a few weeks, you will find yourself greeted by name, and treated like one of the family.

If you never want to show in your life, you are welcome at Marigold, if you want to show, but maybe not this year, you are welcome at Marigold, if you want to show, but do not do well, it will not be said at Marigold that your horse is no good,and you must buy "this" one, or "this" type. Instead, the people at Marigold will ALL do their best to see you and your horse achieve what Dressage is really all about, what riding is really all about, That perfect harmony between horse and rider that feels like you are dancing on air.

Yes, Marigold Stable is not just another "Training Facility". It is not a ribbon driven assembly line type of establishment. It is a place where you can freely admit the jubilation you feel when you and your horse perform a movement that at one time you thought was impossible, and have others celebrate with you instead of feeling ashamed because it "was only a third".

Isn't it time you came Home?

Welcome to Marigold stable inc.

Home of the Arabian and Arab-cross Sport Horse. Pledged to breeding, raising and training the finest in high performance horses for pleasure and sport. These horsses have obvious Arabian Type, gentle but keen dispositions, and the ability to move with breathtaking power and grace while remaining sane and sound